laser microphone is a surveillance device that uses a laser beam to detect sound vibrations in a distant object.
This technology can be used to eavesdrop with minimal chance of exposure.

New laser technology to push the physical limits Speakerphone

A few days ago was specialized exhibition Milipol in Paris performed open-foot new model of laser eavesdropping. It serves for remote offices eavesdropping without having to enter into these areas.
Laser interception operates on a simple principle. Sound is a mechanical wave that after hitting the objects these objects vibrate. By laser eavesdropping it is possible from these vibrations to recover the sound. Thus, when someone overheard laser, it will be sending a laser beam to the glass most often against the window, behind which a call in progress. The beam is modulated vibration is reflected from the window and back in control panels from it canvass.

"Until now, it was determined that the laser listening for the proper functioning requires the placement at the same height as the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest to the extent of who we want to eavesdrop. Applies here because the law of reflection of light when the angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence".
In practice, this meant that anyone who wanted to be sure that it will not be able to be intercepted this way, situate their offices in the upper floors of the best stand-alone buildings. "With the advent of this technology, but all changes.

The new laser speakerphone allows snoop area through the window pane, independently of their position to within 150 meters. It may even also be placed inside the car. Detailed technical solutions are known, the person I was not satisfied that its functionality is astounding. "

As the only reliable protection is then offered to install noise generator with transducer. Resonators are attached to each window pane individually and transferred it to white noise generator creation. The principle of operation is not to avoid execution interception itself, but that is a common call this noise shield, there can be no reconversion to the original acoustic vibration information. As noted by Schmidt, "the effectiveness of this protection must be very carefully tested. In practice, we met several times with the wrong bonding, even at the areas exposed by missing transducer or entirely inappropriately adjusted intensity noise generator. Then even this defense becomes completely ineffective."

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