laser microphone is a surveillance device that uses a laser beam to detect sound vibrations in a distant object.
This technology can be used to eavesdrop with minimal chance of exposure.


In this section of our website, we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Laser microphone systems. The purpose of this page is to give a little bit more information about our Laser listening devices work and behave, as well as regarding our product offer.

The most frequently asked questions regarding our Laser microphones are as follows:

– Q.:how much do your Laser microphones cost?
– A.:these are not cheap items and, for those of you who care, they are NOT made in China. We usually provide system quotation on a need-to-know basis, however, we strongly advise potential customers to consider these are professional devices that ACTUALLY WORK, not toys or scientific/experimental projects. Hi-tech equipment never comes cheap and it never will.

– Q.:is your Laser microphone system easy to use?
– A.:we could say it is relatively easy to use, however, unless you are a very experienced technician, forget it to use it at the best of its capabilities and potentials the first time you get it out of the case.

– Q.:do you provide training services?;
– A.:yes, we are able to train our customers on how to use the system correctly. Training is however not free of charge and payment of a training fee will be required in advance.

– Q.:is it possible to see a live demonstration of the system? How?
– A.:yes. System demo is possible either at our company locations or at the customer’s. Again, demonstrations are not free of charge and payment of a demo fee will be required in advance. Demo fee is non-refundable against actual system purchase, but you will get full training with the demo and please trust us if we say you WILL need it to use our systems at their best. When a demonstration is required to be performed at any customer-specified location, travel and lodging fees must be added.

– Q.:why should I pay for a demo or training session? Should not they be included with the price?
– A.:why should you work for free? Why should you accept a poor salary and work an underqualified job when you studied that hard because you wanted to be someone and make a career in your life?

– Q.:do your Laser microphones work on single-glass windows?
– A.:certainly yes.

– Q.:do your Laser microphones work on double-glass windows, as well as on triple-glass and thermopane windows?
– A.:they work on most windows in the world.

– Q.:can a Laser microphone listen through walls?
– A.:usually that is an impossible thing for a Laser microphone to do. We have found a way, however, to make the impossible possible: our SPECTRA Laser D+ and M+ models are currently the only Laser microphones in the world to currently allow that kind of performance.

– Q.:how soon will I be able to master a Laser microphone use?
– A.:it really depends. It depends on your personal skills/technical knowledge, as well as on the fact that you are getting trained by us or not. Usually, if you get trained by us, you should be able to master system use perfectly after using it a week or so on your own.

– Q.:how far will I be able to listen?
– A.:our systems use Laser. Laser is a highly coherent source of light which can travel the air for hundreds of meters/yards. Maximum operating range is about 400 meters/yards for our systems.

– Q.:can your system be detected?
– A.:yes. Although the Laser beam used by our Laser microphones stays invisible to the human eye, there are technical ways to detect a Laser transmission is in place.

– Q.:is your system’s Laser beam affected by RF interference?
– A.:not at all.

– Q.:is your system’s Laser beam affected by weather agents?
– A.:our system operation is generally not affected by weather agents.

– Q.:is the Laser beam used by your systems safe for operators?
– A.:the Laser transmission used by our systems is totally invisible and fairly powerful. Should the direct Laser beam shine into operator’s eyes, that would be nasty. This is why we strongly advise our customers not to compromise on security and buy the advanced version of our systems where professional Laser-proof eyewear is provided included.

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